Sunday, January 16, 2011

the golden globes

alexa chung is best dressed - she is absolutely the cutest
andrew garfield is adorable!!!
is christian bale still emotionally abusive? i like his long hair
i'm afraid scarlett johannason is going to start crying, and i like her tattoo
the golden globes feel awkward, like everyone is too close.
robert downey jr seems like he doesn't give a fuck, and he has a nice face
i think ryan gosling came with his brother, or someone who looks exactly like him.
ryan gosling, my birthday fraternal twin, is a god.
is seemed like people were booing when ll cool j came up..did i miss something?
elizabeth moss is like a super pretty receptionist.
katy segall, i miss you and your voice
oh, that's what piper perabo has been doing since coyote ugly!
i love how they showed the dude from modern fam and married when katy won! her old tv hubby!
awee gia mantanga aka miss golden globes is so gorgeous and joe looked really proud! loves it
well played with bruce willis, well played.
the dude presenting with leighton looks way hotter playing someone else in country strong
love the santa on his suit! i had those when i was younger
no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy chris oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i am overjoyed
ummm totes feel like lea michelle is being overdramatic with the tears...although i felt a little teary-eyed as well
where has michelle phieffer been? jeez.
i'm wondering if ricky gervais will get in troubs for any of his jokes?
kevin bacon is wearing glasses..all dems are wearing glasses. hot!
milla is still trying to be an she any good?
andrew garfield seems like he's putting an accent on..i'm confused. he also always looks angry/confused. ps he totally dropped the ball on "inspiringly", but its ok. imma snuggle my face in ur hair.
best song? HARDLY. sorry diane warren and cher. you sound like a man.
scores are words! NEXT.
i like that trent reznor won a golden globe. NIN to movies? cool

alright i'm bored.

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