Wednesday, February 16, 2011

single girl v-day

what to do as a single gal on valentine's day? make plans with your single friends, of course. and find some crafts to do! this totes kept me busy for a couple hours, and i really enjoyed using my hands.

kind of cheesy, but also kinda fun. make some for the girls too. if i were to do it again, i would bunch the hearts on one side instead. and if i had more time, i would have put black felt behind each heart to cover the stitching! i want to try and make more headbands...especially really huge ones!

this was my v-day outfit: i got the shirt from winners for $5, and the skirt is from the Bay a long time ago, and i sewed it shorter because that's how i roll.

i finally got these boots that i had been eyed in the joe fresh fold out. they were on sale for $40 so i jumped on em. i like how i finally have a chunkier heeled boot that i can walk in!

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  1. I love my headband...I will save it and wear it again next year!


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