Sunday, March 6, 2011


happy sunday! all this weekend i have been going to bed after 1am and waking up before 10. i am le tired.

this is alexi wasser:

she runs a website that you have probably seen already, and as you can see, she is adorable. her advice sometimes is rather harsh, but at least she says what she's thinking without sugarcoating it. also, i think we're all a little envious that she has a motive for talking to 10s of hot dudes...

she did an interview with this guy named wiley. she will explain what he does in the video.

boycrazy video- party in an alley: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

i checked out this band after i saw this video, and i fell in love. when my sister still lived at home, every time she would walk into my room i'd be sittin back in my computer chair, listening to "when my time comes". to be honest, it was just a coincidence that it was on every time she walked in, but i digress. i called the local record store and asked them to order it in for me: i was ready to purchase this cd. i fell in love! then, this past august, i saw them at lollapalooza. i was gripped their whole set, and Peace in the Valley brought me to tears. i had brought their album from winnipeg because there was a meet in greet. unfortunately, a bathroom break got in the way of their measly 10-minute session, and i missed it. obviously i was sad. i sat in the grass and ate an apple, listening to whoever else was playing on stage at the time. then i went to find my friends again. regardless, they are a terrific band with an amazingly heartfelt record. they love what they do. this was the song that started it all for me:

Dawes - Love Is All I Am
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thanks, alexi.

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