Tuesday, March 15, 2011


fbook, trying to lure me back in.

i deleted my facebook today. i've been thinking about it off and on, and i decided that i didn't need it anymore...it wasn't giving me any pleasure. it tried to play on my emotions, telling me that certain friends will miss me. if they miss me, can't they pick up the phone? you know, how we did it before the internet? i deleted my photo albums one by one, because for some reason it felt better that way. i'm a weirdo...i needed some closure before the closure, i guess? after a while i think not having it will be the new normal for me. i just wanted less to do online. i told my dad about it and he asked why. i said "i wanted to get on with my life" he said, genuinely, "good for you".

i thought today that because i like having order to my life, i don't know what is going to happen when i have children. they make things messy to the max, and not just physically. oh well!

there are 77 days until brenna and i depart for germany, and i am literally counting them down on my desktop. hallelujah!

i got a world map poster for my wall, and i sat looking at for a while, eating apple pieces dipped in caramel.

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