Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring lately

last week i went out 4 days in a row, and i've been working every single day since the beginning on march. as you can easily understand, i was exhausted by sunday, and still monday, and tuesday, and even now on wednesday. never doing that again! my pa just shook his head when i said "Day 4 of 4!" whilst getting ready on saturday night. i have learned that a) i can't go out that many consecutive days and/or b) i can't work every day, or c) i am officially a senior citizen. my sleep is screwed up now, and i woke up at 630 am when i could have slept until 8. here are a few things i've been into lately. all pics by meh.

so i did some experimenting in my room. not with drugs.

my desk, unused doorway to the kitchen, lamp that isn't plugged in

this is how i did it. my mom gave me a weird look when i told her my idea

i sewed some doily-lace stuff that was my gramma's on to the bottom of a dress i don't wear. hey new dress!

part of my gramma's thread collection - 4eva gr8ful

made this with leftover pork meatballs... so good! but i don't really like carrots to be honest.

this is the book i am reading, and its a beauty. it is described as being written to show off the english language, and i totally agree. sometimes i pause and wonder how she thought to write about certain things, or write about them in particular ways, and i wonder if any of it is actually about her life.

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