Tuesday, May 24, 2011

off and away

i'm leaving for europe in seven days. so far, we'll be doing a week in sylt germany, then we're off to rhodes, greece, then london, paris and barcelona, until we are back on the island of sylt for the last week of june. there are a bunch of loose ends to tie up in the next week, but talking about it more practically and more often is making it way more real. i'm sure it won't hit me until we're boarding the plane at 9am next tuesday morning, when i'll have to be on my best behaviour to avoid missing any flights. i was talking to my dude, who is also leaving for a month-long trip to learn french in montreal, about what we could bring along with us to feel more comfortable and less homesick. i couldn't think of anything but my mp3 player, which makes total sense, really. he told me he'd bring along some of my hair pins in his pocket, because i've been leaving them on his night stand ever since we first met.

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