Sunday, December 18, 2011

in my room, i feel safe

these past two weeks about been pretty stressful, and i haven't really had much time to myself to do what i really want.  i work a full time job in finance during the day, then my part time job a few times a week, plus i volunteer at a music venue a few times a month.  on one hand, i want to save as much money as i can in the shortest amount of time possible, but i also need more time to work on merchandise for my future shop (the reason why i'm trying to save money).  also, we all need time to just chill and see friends, right?  at least these next couple weeks will be more relaxed.  it is the holidays, after all!

prince in winnipeg
walking over maryland bridge saturday morning
some interesting and less interesting graffiti
clever advertising angle
my bed
the usual suspects
magazine artwork and my better half
some necklaces that will be for sale one day
things to work on
a few collections
some new motivation to do my nails
jewellery dish from vancouver, a necklace from my aunt, my grandmothers rhinestones, hello kitty crayon
puppy pack from my UO vancouver, pin from van-city sushi restaurant
gigi's old pocket watches, print from visual presentation sale when i worked at the bay downtown a few years back


  1. thanks! i'm very attracted to sparkly things.

  2. love the way you've framed magazine pages! so much more special than just taping onto a wall, what a great idea :)

    xx Raez

  3. Love the pictures
    Thx for the comment on my blog

    x Romi


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