Tuesday, December 13, 2011


today was kinda rough... here's an outfit post composed of some random photos from the last 3 years.  kind of like a scrapbook, y'all!

 in my bathroom, like a freaky creep. a few weeks back. 
im soo into knee socks, man! also, wearing my toque 24/7 to hide my helpless hair.
dress from ragpickers (hemmed),  tights from dollarama, boots from joe, knee highs forever 21, scarf H&M, hat... forever 21?
 at lollapalooza 2010 - photo by my friend leigh
shortened that skirt to make it skankier.. i like showing off the gams.
hat H&M, shirt from joe, skirt from the bay (hemmed)
 folk fest 200...9? photo by...kristen?
i miss my bun abilities. also, should i rethink my ban on my aviators?
thrifted vest.
 back when my hair was longer..it was winter, i remember!
i'm definitely thinking about something serious/sad here.
pretty sure this is all from joe fresh.
smirking at my sister this past summer at a street festival.
thank god i wore my safety shorts that night, as i rode my bike there, and my skirt barely covered.
also, i found that hat on the boulevard during free saturday (ask me more!), and i didn't wash it.  gross?
skirt from vintage store in london, shirt from the bay, hat from the boulevard, purse made by my ma, bra from H&M
 pipe and hat show in the exchange with friend sarah and local singer flo
my arms are twisty, hey?  rockin those boots, ma!
romper from heritage 1981, cardi from joe, purse from urban behavior
 at manitoba homecoming social with winnipeg treasure: Dancin' Gabe :)
thrifted boots, skirt from H&M, dress as top, urban behavior, purse from H&M.

 some surf rock etc night at the waldorf hotel in vancouver, Nov 2011 - taken by HEATHER!
you can't see my knee highs! -- for shame.
coat from H&M
 shopping on granville st, vancouver 2011 - taken by HEATHER!
i like everything about this picture. anyone want a hot dog?
thrifted glasses, sweater from joe, dress from forever 21
birthday party a million years ago - taken by Victoria Ptashnik
i've since lent that dress out to a friend, never to be seen again, and bleached the vest!  Thanks, Levis Jeans.
vest thrifted, skirt as dress from the bay.


  1. love the outfits! that brown and black 21 dress... that's the same one i just got! (except mine is black with brown). isn't it the best?!?!

  2. I loooved visiting Vancouver! Granville Street has such neat shopping and amazing food. Can't wait to go back.

  3. hi! nice to meet you :-) love your red dress

  4. yes, i wear my striped dress all the time!

    granville was super awesome, especially the market, which is like the forks market here in winnipeg but 100000000000 times better. but it was raining when we visited so that kinda sucked.

    thanks, i love my red dress too! it's making appearances a bunch right now.


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