Sunday, January 29, 2012


volunteered at BIG FUN all weekend, filled with local acts and discreet bottles of booze.  it was great to help out and see something like this happen.  some young folk making things happen in winnipeg.  came home early last night instead of hitting the after party, but watched some fireworks from my bedroom window that i can only imagine came from someplace in the exchange.  party on!

 john k samson at music trader (love)
 aceart grafitti
 people kept coming up to the window thinking they could get beer "ceci n'est pas une pipe!" haha
 vela (their last show)
 have a good feeling this was made by my work boss -- found in the bathroom that was plastered with tonnes of art pieces
 whatever, maaaan --- amidst taking down the show when the taker downer fails to show up again
 trying to take decent pictures of my stock.. failing miserably, a bit.
 rebel yell playing their set

 the lytics bring the house down --boys know how to make people dance!

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