Tuesday, August 7, 2012

away from home

this past weekend i went to my aunt and uncles cottage, that is situated as far north as you can go on a certain well travelled highway.  it was fun to have some down time, since i'm usually working EVERY DAY. here are some instagrams from the weekend!

our neighbour's tractor for...hauling their boat?
 unpacking the car with my sister -- gear up!
 the ladies go for a walk
 old-ass water pump
 most-likely weeds -- beautiful weeds!
 my 35mm Nikon my dad used to shoot with
 cabin wall -- jeez we were lame.
 night at the beach
 garage sale finds
 windy beach day
 i'm having fun, i swear!
 he almost stowed away in my car! little devil.
cut and given to me by my auntie 

hope everyone had a great, fun, relaxing weekend!

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