Tuesday, August 14, 2012

wall of glory

this is the wall and its contents above my bed.  think of it as a freestyle headboard. 
(top to bottom - L to R):
-crystal found in my room when i moved in
-print of my baba (grandmother) working in my mother's garden
-DAWES setlist from Vancouver show
-thrifted charm bracelet spelling "MACKINAW CITY"
-ARKELLS setlist from Winnipeg show
-NADA SURF playlist from Minneapolis show
-patch from volunteering at PRETTY RECKLESS show (jenny humphrey?!)
-badass concert poster from Chicago music store
-self-developed prints from a roll i took on a roadtrip to Florida

-morning wall rainbow
the end.


  1. ummm...that door and window on the tree stump a couple posts down is so amazing! I feel the urge to put those on all our trees now! :-[)

  2. love this freestyle headboard; you're so lucky to have amazing light in your bedroom!


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