Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NYC fam jam PART UNO

last week i was in new york city with my family.  we stayed right near times square, which was perfect.  it was only a few steps away from the theatre where my sister and i saw the terrifically heartbreaking musical Once.  even with the intermittent familial bickering, we all had a complete blast.  we did so much, and we didn't even get to most of the museums!  next time, i suppose!  here are a few snaps from the trip! my dad took some really great ones, so i'll definitely try to post some once he gets back from his work trip (what a jet-setter! am i right?)

 john cho at rockefeller centre <3
 my mama on top of the rock
 st. johns cathedral

chicken and waffles in the bronx...harlem!


  1. sylvia's is in harlem. unless there are two?

    1. well hot was quite a whirlwind. i'd better clear that up!

  2. That first photo is so completely adorable. Looks like so much fun! I miss the city!


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