Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a day off

i LOVED having monday off from work. something to be thankful for! i worked on my halloween costume and wore my favourite new dress while watching netflix in bed...cause why not??  then i got off my ass for a while and made some cookies.  unfortunately, i was still watching netflix and i was too distracted to take them all out in time ;)


  1. Its weird to see my bedroom not my bedroom, but i like that someone i know has it. also, i liked hearing about your day.

  2. 1. Cute dress
    2. That halloween costume is going to be amazing
    3. You look super domestic with your dress and apron in the one pic...it made me lol
    4. I'm jealous of your actual day off to do fun things ONLY
    5. Love youuuuu

  3. Oh lucky you got to have Monday off...I love days off but it's especially sweet when it's a Monday

    Can't wait to see your halloween costume!

  4. I love that you wore your new dress in bed to watch netflix! Completely perfect :)

  5. What's your Halloween costume going to be? The flowers are pretty :) Your breakfast (I presume) looks delicious. Lol you're reflection in the spoon. You're dress is adorable. How where those cookies then?

    1. i'm going to be aaaa.....bouquet of flowers! i was going to be a flower patch but i couldn't afford that many flowers. it's oatmeal! i didn't know i was in the spoon! haha. my dress is from forever 21. the cookies were SUB PARRRR :(



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