Monday, November 12, 2012

a birthday

i am twenty-four today!

in all honesty, i feel like i've been 24 for quite a while -- when people asked me my age before this day i always wanted to tell them that number. perhaps 23 was just a really long year and my psyche wanted to get on with it.  i'll never understand, because i've disliked rounding up ever since i learned about it in school.

it's a little scary, to be honest. growing up i had a timeline of when i planned on getting married and having kids (funny, i didn't have one for starting my career), and now i'm at an age where it wouldn't be totally crazy to be doing these things. but i'm nowhere near that yet. right now i'm focusing on my career and doing what's best for me, which is how i'm allowed to be when i'm this age. in fact, should i be going a bit crazier? travelling the world (i wish), getting tattoos (still workin on that), and staying up all night (eugh, then be tired for a week) ??  i can't really say at this point, because i don't really know.

my biggest goal is to be happy and fulfilled on a regular basis by my work, projects, family, friends and relationship. it's just the business of getting myself there.

in other, non-rambling news, winnipeg just got dumped on by a foot of snow. but that didn't stop us from celebrating my birthday with a delicious dinner at peasant cookery and then hanging at the local water hole, the kings head. the rest of the day i just wasted time in my room, hence, these pictures. i've been doing to bed earlier than normal all weekend, which is probably the truest sign that i'm getting up there ;)

love you, friends! happy birthday to me!

 my closet where the doors do not fit on.
 birthday outfit and creepy grin
 double scarfin it, folks. i like the neck-brace feeling.
 heather always gets me the best presents :)
my first attempt at a sock bun (you tie a sock in your hair for a more luxurious bun). still workin out the kinks.


  1. Happy birthday! I hope this one is the best. Don't be scared of getting older! I hear every year you get older the wiser you get :) Oh, and can I have everything in your closet?!

    p.s. Thanks for the comment on my blog. haha my mom took that shot of Tate and I with our polaroid.

  2. thanks allison! i think this one's gonna be pretty bitchin. if you saw my closet you'd know i'm obsessed with stripes and polka dots. who isn't?

    i hear moms are the ones to deal with for pictures! haha.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!! (and love the sock bun!)

    1. thanks ashley! i hope it will only get better from this point (and by that i mean, i hope i can make it so a part of the sock doesn't stick out the side) ;)

  4. I remember 23 being a long year too. Enjoy 24, girl! Best year ever ;)
    Happy birthday!
    xo TJ

    1. i'm truly looking forward to it, tj! a lot of things are going SUPERBLY! :)

  5. you are so pretty! Wow. I love these photos. Really inspiring :)

    Happy birthday today :) 24 isn't so scary. I'm going to be 26 on friday, and that is scary. Once you make your to and past 25... AHHHH, lol! Anyway, I hope you had a great birthday :)

    xox, amber

    1. thanks amber! i try not to look like a lunatic most of the time :P

      haha thanks for the vote of confidence for the rest of my 20s ...really looking forward to it now :)

  6. OK whaat I have so many things to say.

    1/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!! I'm glad it ruled so hard.
    2/ You're a freakin' babe
    3/ You're nailing that sock-bun, I have realllly wanted to give it a go.
    4/ I just turned 23 and it felt like I was 22 FOREVER. I feel too old to be shopping at F21, uh oh ;)
    5/ Love the wee heart banner in yer room!

    1. caitlin! :)

      you should definitely try out the sock bun. i've been putting it off cause i've always felt like my hair was too short, but it is not! huzzuh!

      i totes thought you were older than me! i find shopping at f21 super hard cause in a way i feel i could buy everything, so instead i buy nothing. it works out most of the time!

  7. happy birthday!
    i love your birthday outfit, so pretty!

    1. thanks lidsi! (forever 21, haha) i feel like a real lady in it!


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