Wednesday, January 9, 2013

new vintage!

this week is just taking its sweet time! i'm training in a new position at my job and keeping house, trying to take it day by day...but its really hard to keep myself from counting down until the weekend is here again. in other news, one of my roommates moved out! so i'm on my way to setting up a dedicated studio for my etsy shop. it feels quite weird with him gone, which is strange because we usually keep irregular hours and don't see one another for days. anyways, good luck, b! :)

i've posted a bunch of new vintage items in my shop ... so check her out! if you see any loves of your life, you can access my etsy from the right-hand sidebar :) please note: this was pre-haircut ... my friend steph too 5 inches off on sunday. here are previews of the new goodies:


  1. Dang, these are all adorable! Going on to your site right now....

  2. You are beautiful. Also, pics of the new hair pls!

  3. love the first 2 pieces!!! and that purse is a great score! :D

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  4. Love that first dress! All of these are so perfect!
    xo TJ


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