Wednesday, February 13, 2013

five find friday // 5

happy friday, everyone! this weekend will be one of super heavy duty etsy work. i've been talking to a lot of etsy vintage sellers, and i have some thrifting to do! me oh my. i am overwhelmed with the amazing advice and feedback given by so many lovely ladies! see, this is another instance that if you ask, you shall receive. it's so simple. here are 5 extraordinary things i favourited this week on etsy. i especially love the first dress. mae valente's shop is exquisite. i hope everyone has a great time this weekend! mine will be a long one since i am off on monday. woo hoo :)

MAE.VALENTE Vintage Knit Dress with Large Knit Collar
Vintage Art Deco Brooch : 20s 30s Egyptian Revival Wings Pin
Framed Vintage Textile
Spike Necklace - Autumn Jewelry, Mini Brass Spikes with Robin Blue Drops
Winter Cold - 8x10 35mm film print

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  1. zomg i love that first dress too.

  2. Gotta love long weekends! That dress is gorgeous!

    1. isn't it precious? and it looks sooo comfortable :)


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