Wednesday, April 17, 2013

W.E.S.T. handmade and vintage sale III

I hope that you Winnipeggers will join us on May 4th for the third W.E.S.T. Handmade and Vintage Sale! There will be treats and refreshments for sale while you browse, and a supervised craft table for your kiddies. I'll be there with a bunch new clothes, shoes, accessories and flower crowns that aren't available on my online Etsy shop. Hope to see you there!                                          


  1. Ahhh! I'll be in montreal! so sad to miss this.

  2. Lovely! I will be sure I swing by your table. Every gal's closet needs a big old flower crown! Just noticed this poster yesterday while on a stroll with the Leopard.

  3. I'm super excited!! Not only is it my first sale in Winnipeg, but I finally get to meet all the WEST folks face to face :) It's gonna be awesome!


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