Saturday, May 24, 2014

maidens and cocktails

a few summers back i visited a garage sale near my aunt and uncle's cabin and came upon this gem: Easy to Make Maidens & Cocktails. published in 1965, this hilarious handbook features over 250 delicious drink recipes and a handful of popular retro hors d'oeuvres such as pigs in blankets, idiot's delight (toss noodles and peanut together into a frying pan, adding butter, salt, Accent and heat gently until butter is dissolved, stirring constantly so that ingredients won't burn. drain on paper and serve hot and cold), deviled eggs, and liver and bacon canapes. while i may not be trying out that last snack, the drinks look AMAZING, and i want more than ever to stock my own personal bar. the highlight of the handbook is definitely the illustrations, which are a little risque but totally rad. easily one of my favourite garage sale finds!


  1. I Love reading old cookbooks and the illustrations in this one are fabulous! Keep up the posting.


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