Wednesday, January 18, 2012

movin and shakin

i'm just sitting on my floor, back against my bed, upon a piece of faux fur fabric that i use as a rug, eating my morning oatmeal with bananas.  last night i dreamt in part that i sang in front of  a room full of people and that made me really happy!  i had a microphone and everything.

something i want to make quick mention of is a thought i've been having the last week or so.  sometimes when i feel ho hum at work, i think back to september, when i moved out of my parents' house into a house with a few friends.  i'd never lived "on my own" before, and even though most of the time it feels the same as always minus having to pay rent and buy groceries, on rare occasion it just hits me.  i did it!  i was 22 years old, not moving in with a boyfriend, not settled, just trying to explore and see what i could do.  all of these thoughts make me feel so great and so strong.  i am in control of my own destiny, and i think about this every day.

from swiss miss

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  1. I love this. Such an uplifting little story. You DID do it! The realization that you're strong and in control is epic.


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