Monday, January 16, 2012

thriftin, cookin, workin, freezin.

hello world!  the title of this post explains generally what i've been up to lately.  the freak-warm temperatures for winnipeg in january are gone and its cold again :(  and i still have to get my butt out of bed early in the morning to get to work.  i had a super good day thrifting today. alot of good finds, and it was 1/2 off!  there's a cool new music festival going on in a few weeks in winnipeg called BIG FUN, which i'm volunteering for, and i'm suuuper pumped for that.  just tryin to hang with my friends as much as possible lately, and daydream about my future shop.

happy monday!

 walking home -- also spotted some deer (also fake and covered with snow)
 dunno what kind of berries these are!
 really dug the cat eye that day...and every day.
 optical illusion-y type stuff
 what my closet looks like now
 another shot of my room
poster collection
 summer shoes from f21 from boxing day sale -- come on, summer!
ma desk -- see anything you like?


  1. I like your room, the way your eyes look wit the cat eyes and your new shoes :)

  2. Cute post--and you look so pretty in that one pic of you, love the red lips!! :)

  3. Cute shoes!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    x Romi

  4. Re: the makeup - LOVE the cat eyes, you must teach me how to achieve the perfect liquid line. I also really like the dark lipliner.

    Re: the closet - BUT WHERE ARE ALL YOUR CLOTHES?! My closet is a fat bloated sad person compared to yours.

    Re: the desk - yes, I like the cupcake. And the laptop.


  5. my cat eye turns out different every time, the rest of my clothes were on a heap on my bed (camera magic) and i like my cupcake pincushion too! thanks heather!

  6. Hi Rachael, I just want to say that you have beautiful room. Love all those posters. Yeah, I am moving in a week so I will try to decorate my new room as well ;) have a lovely day!

  7. i've been waiting for the right occasion to try the cat eye look. now, i'm beginning to think i should just do it on a random tuesday-- just because. so pretty!

  8. i love your room! i really like the wardrobe rack.
    thank you for visiting my blog! i made the crowns from a vintage hat pattern that i adapted. the main part is a shell stitch.

  9. you reminded me so much of miranda kerr in that photo!
    gorgeous! x

    love ur room too :)

  10. Your room! So beautiful with the posters hanging an all. Um, so whats the secret with the cat eye? I can't ever get it to look so awesome-like!



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