Friday, February 17, 2012


i've been so busy lately! volunteering, working after work, it's been kinda crazy.  
i don't know if you know, but i'm a big fan of hanson. not a travel-to-150-shows-and-go-into-debt kind of big fan, but i really appreciate their music.  and yes, they had way more albums after the song Mmmbop, which was wayyyy better. trust me.
last september just before i moved out, my sisters and i took a roadtrip to a small city called regina, saskatchewan to see none other than HANSON in concert. i have liked hanson ever since i was a little girl, so it was kind of awesome to jam along to all of their tunes!  they have also gotten a lot better looking, and alot more married and fatherish.  cause they're all dads.  a few weeks ago they  came to winnipeg and my sister and i saw them AGAIN.  this time, i touched taylor's hand, zac gave me his drumstick, and i got him to sign it and got a picture with him!  obviously, i felt a bit crazy for wanting to touch taylor's hand, but it was there to be touched so i went for it.  i was pretty pumped.  here are a few snaps from good ol' regina:

 my husband, lovin lyfe.


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