Monday, February 13, 2012

vancouver lovin'

these photos are a little past-due, as my roommate/friend/travelling partner and i went to vancouver in the middle of november and it is now, um, february.  i just knew it was going to be a big post.  we decided to go because Dawes and Blitzen Trapper were playing a split gig, and it was my 23rd birthday.  i had the greatest time!  everything went off without a hitch, we got to do everything we planned, and we had a blast.  here is a recap:

 view outside of hi hostel in the west end - good place to stay: free breakfast, clean ,etc.
 granville street - lots of fun and alot of good shops to see to (H&M, ALDO discount, Urban Outfitters, ONE [as in only one] vintage shop)
which was this place - lots of cute stuff! and not overly priced
 i thought it would be a rather saucy picture -- just realized my dress is basically the same colour as the hot dog.
 i wasn't really sure who these people were, but they were outside the bay and i liked their uniforms

 granville st
 we decided to walk to the rickshaw theatre on the east side -- it was quite a walk, but we're used to it...kind of.  lots of sights to see! 
 blitzen trapper
 taylor goldsmith, wylie

 stanley park -- wicked totem poles!  probably could have posed in a better spot where a pole was not protruding from my head?  my friend's cousin took us around so graciously!

 the cousin took us to lynn canyon was truly breathtaking, and i don't say that very often. i have never in my life been to the west coast, so i have never seen anything like it before.

 lynn canyon suspension bridge was cool, even though you had to hold on tight to avoid sliding down the steep entrance.
(photo by hla)
 monstrous trees!
(photo by hla)
 killer mushrooms!
 will probably never be inside a tree again in my life, unless i come back as a squirrel when i die..which is a possibility from this chipper look on my face.
 so happy!
(photo by hla)

 size of a pinky - cutest mushroom ever!
 the cousin then took us to the anthropology museum, which was so cool and beautiful!

this is the view from the back of the anthropology museum, and i could not stop staring. mountains!
 we went for sushi after the museum, and that night my friend and i hit up the soul night at the biltmore hotel.  IT WAS THE BEST TIME EVER.  we love soul and motown music, and everyone was just dancing and enjoying themselves.  so so great.
(photo by hla)
the next day was my BIRTHDAY. and i also got the best news ever.  we walked 5 minutes from our hostel down to the water, where we met this fellow who gave us a free ride to granville island.  my friend and i were so giggly because he was really quite cute.  thank you, sir!
 and he let us drive his boat!  i was not very good.  but a good start to my best birthday everrr.
(photo by hla)
 they have a market that is 1000000000 times better than the forks market here in winnipeg, freshly made everything. a treat for your eyes, mouth, and stomach, basically.

 my friend bought me lunch, which we ate while watching...
(photo by hla)
 this terrifying horde of seagulls, that were the size of CATS.
we were cold and it was raining, so we said good bye to granville island. we love you!
after granville we walked up and down commercial drive and my friend let me go to all of the vintage shops that i wanted!  it was super fun and i got some fun treats. that night to celebrate my birthday we went to a delicious and cheap mexican restaurant that was so close to our hostel, then we dolled up and went to the waldorf, where they hosted a surf rock dance party in the tiki lounge.  it was loads of fun!
(photo by hla)
 the next day we went to gastown, which was great!
 there were so many people taking pictures at the steamclock and we were not patient enough to wait for our turn.  that night, we went to a dinner hosted by my friends relatives who live outside the city.  it was delicious!
and these are the gigantic maple leaves in vancouver..the size of my face. what is cooler than that?  

vancouver, i miss you.


  1. Amazing! I want to go to there.

  2. so many photos! Vancouver looks so beautiful, I'd love to go. I love all the mushrooms and the trees and the rickety looking bridge, all wonderful! I also love Blitzen Trapper, one of my favorite bands and really nice cool guys. It looks like a great time!

  3. lovely pictures! vancouver looks wonderful, i really want to go there someday!


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