Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the original "pin"

i can't say that i've joined pinterest...my fear is too great that i'll get swept up in the monsterous amount of other peoples creative and inspiring photos and ideas and become a pinning machine instead of coming up with my own creative content for ladylikeness.  wow, that was a pretty personal confession. anywho, this is what i call "the original pin" --  they're the ones that go upon the breast of a coat or blouse or dress.  check out these 5 awesome etsy finds...look at me, i'm pinning!

Mint fox felt pin - made to order

Cat face lapel pin

O Hai Banner Brooch - Made To Order
rare indeed

Feminist Killjoy Felt Brooch Set

Gold Glitter Heart Pin


  1. I had the same fears about pinterest that you did. I'm on it now, but I never get on to look at pictures. I just read what I always did, and if I find something truly useful to me -- I pin it. A success story??? Anyway, my son really thinks your first cat pin is cute.

  2. These are all so cool. I actually found some pins from middle school the other day, but they are definitely not lapel worthy, unless you really like Oscar the Grouch. :)

  3. cheltz: that is a success story if i ever heard one!

    alison: oscar the grouch is rad..wear it! :) i like my family's old rhinestones, myself. a nice alternative to a necklace!

  4. Um, if this is you pinning without Pinterest, then you are totally cool! And don't join... you will get way swept away!

  5. thanks...leigh? i can never join! that's my rule! and thanks for appreciating my right to choose. haha :)


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