Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the cruise to end all boat cruises (in my opinion) NYC PART DOS

we stumbled upon a boat cruise after learning the one we planned on was already closed for the day. we were all cranky, tired, and mad at each other -- then we boarded the boat, got some coffees, and we were taken on what seemed like a circle of the whole of new york city.

 it was AMAZING. 

even though i froze my ass off, i'm so glad we got to take the cruise! we had some laughs, taking pictures of all these wicked sights.  and seeing ms. liberty, of course, was crazy.  she was radiant.


  1. Sometimes I forget that Manhattan is an island, but a cruise around New York sounds awesome.

    1. hey allison!

      it's also so weird to think about just how many people live on the island! it's so stuffed! but it's so fun :)



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