Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy november

i'm excited for for this month to start! it's a special one for me
because my birthday is on the 12th. Twenty-four, baby! i'm looking
forward to going out for dinner with my friends and family, and taking
a little overnighter to grand forks with my closies.  it's kinda fun
that i share my birthday with my friend steph -- since i've known her
we've had a few sweet double birthdays. you know who else i share my birthday with?

Canada's sweetheart MR. RYAN GOSLING.

jealous? i think leo dicaprio is a pretty close too.
(and also sisqo...but we won't talk about that).

happy november!

(ps. this is a sweater that will be for sale in my shop -- doesn't it look cozy?)


  1. Did you knit this Rachael or are you selling vintage items? :-[) I am sooo excited it is finally November. A good month to have a birthday I might add. :)

    p.s. thank you for your sweet compliment about the decorated package! xo

    1. hi roxy! i WISH i had knit it! but it is vintage :) isn't the colour awesome?


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