Friday, November 2, 2012

MUSIC LOVE FRIDAYS // a poem about everything // 7

"a poem about everything" is how gregory alan isakov described a song of his called mercury. really, it explains all of his music.

my roommate friend gave me his album The Empty Northern Hemisphere a year or more back, and i had put it on my ipod without much of a thought. when i got around to giving it a listen a few weeks later, i was mesmerized.  this man has such a beautiful, truthful voice, and such depth in his lyrics. isakov knows something only a few other do... how to show aspects of life through song without being blatant. when i'm listening to him i feel like i'm the only one who has heard these songs --  i just imagine myself driving on a dark country road, thinkin' about living.

might i add he is quite an attractive chap? oy.

his music has been featured in numerous television shows and you might recognize big black car from the holiday mcdonalds commercial. as much as i don't want to admit it, the song fits the commercial really well. when i hear it i think about the twinkle lights in the ad and the twinkle lights on my stairs. i really love the peacefulness of the song and the image of little glowing lights on hardwood. the feeling only grows now that it's getting to be the holidays again. give these a listen... and a listen and a listen:


  1. wow, this is really good stuff. i've never heard of him but i love his voice.

    1. keishua, i can't get enough of him! and he's coming out with a new album pretty soon.

      x rachael

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