Monday, December 31, 2012

top 12 posts of 2012!

i just want to start off by than everyone who has stopped by my blog in the last few months and taken a look around. it really means alot to me! thanks for letting me know you're enjoying my posts :)

this year was a great one for my blog. after purchasing my new camera i found i was more inspired to take pictures and document my life for ladylikeness. this gave me the opportunity to create my own content rather than using what so many other people have already reblogged. these are twelve posts from the last year that make me really proud of my work --  i can only hope that i keep dragging my camera around with me in 2013! happy new year's, everyone!

1. The Old House Revival Company feature - i really enjoyed getting into this antique mall and capturing all the old treasures i thought were interesting. i want to go back ASAP!
2. New York City trip - never have i taken so many photos on a trip! i absolutely adored this family vacation...i had such an amazing, full week, and i know i'll remember it for a really long time. 

3. Manyfest - one of the "many" festivals in Winnipeg that included dancing in the street, a boxcar derby, live bands, farmers markets and awesome vendors! i always enjoy festival season in Winnipeg :)

4. Field Photography - i got up early one chilly morning in october and went to take pictures in a field near my work. this is the first time i've gotten up specifically to take pictures, and i'm so glad i did. there was something about the dead flowers in the field that got to me.

5. Etsy Store - this was a huge one, because it was a long time coming. i finally bit the bullet and started up my Etsy shop! i had been putting off taking pictures for my shop because i wanted them to be perfect, but i realized they never would be, and i just had to DO IT. so glad i did!

6. Photography adventures -i took an afternoon jaunt to a local provincial park to take pictures with my friend. i want to do this alot more in the coming year!

7. My Winnipeg - ever since i was a teenager i've enjoyed taking pictures around Winnipeg, and this hasn't changed! i love documenting all the beautiful, weird things around town.

8. Grand Forks with besties - to celebrate my friend and my birthdays we took a short drive down to North Dakota and did some thrifting. SUCH GOOD TIMES :)

9. Blog Inspiration - i am always discovering new blogs, and i did a feature on one lady named Julia Topaz. such a sweetie! i was also inspired by her to shop only thrifted clothing for myself. we'll see how that goes in the new year ;)

10. Local Shops - when i saw that this shop was opening right near my house i knew i had to check it out and report back glad i did! the girls there were so friendly and i am sooo up for promoting local businesses and makers.

11. Carolling with Friends - i'm so glad my friend suggested we get the old gang back together to go carolling...we had a great time all together! i want to go carolling ALL THE TIME.

12. Christmas - you should know, i haven't been a huge fan of the holiday in recent years, but this Christmas was so great. it really depends on your attitude and who you spend it with.

What were some highlights of your past year?


  1. I love this idea of your top twelve posts. You are adorable, girl!
    xo TJ

    1. thank TJ! i really enjoyed looking through my old posts :)

  2. You have a really natural flair for photography. Happy new year ! I hope this is a year of growth for you, your skills and your blog

    1. thank you so much! that means so much to me. i'm looking forward to all the 2013 holds!

  3. love seeing our city in these posts!! :D

  4. Love, love, love!!!
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