Monday, January 14, 2013

bachelorettes and haircuts

how was everybody's weekend??

on saturday i hosted my friend's bachelorette party at my place! we started by getting our nails done, then we had a scavenger hunt in a shopping mall, and then we moved on to my house where we ate a tonne of food, watched her open a tonne of lingerie, and played some games. my homegirl brenna did such an awesome job planning everything, and i'm really proud of her for making the day-long party such a rad time :) and now they are all in mexico for steph's wedding. so jealous.

on sunday i washed, patched, sanded and painted two coats on the walls of my new studio, and yes, i documented it! those pictures are coming up on the blog. it'd be sweet to wait until i have everything settled and set up in the room for the big reveal, but let's be serious: i can't wait that long. i can't believe i finished everything start to finish today -- i'm a machine!  i'll be taking alot of pictures in my studio quite a bit after it's all set up, so no worries!

i cleaned our house like a madwoman for the party, and after i was all done i had some time to kick back in my spotless kitchen and write out steph's wedding card. TF stands for Tri-Force, for her, our gal brenna and myself. oh yeah, this is my new hair! steph is also my hairdresser, and she took off 5 inches and redid the red. i curled it for the festivities and i really liked it, but i'm so so tempted to just chop it all off. maybe i'll do it in time for summer! ;)

have a good monday, everyone!


  1. The bachelorette party you hosted sounds so fun! Wish I was there ;) I've never hear of a scavenger hunt at the mall, but I'm sure it was a really good time!

  2. love the rich red of your hair!! the way you curled it looks so effortless! :D

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  3. YOUR HAIR <3 my eyes are green with eny! i love the scarf! such cute photos.

  4. Loving your hair! And this all sounds like the perfect weekend ;)
    xo TJ

  5. totally unrelated to your post- but I'm obsessed with your hair!! (apparently, I'm not the only one either!). sounds like you hosted quite the evening...glad it went over well :)


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