Friday, January 25, 2013

five find friday // 2

hi guys!

man, am i glad it's friday! i need a break from waiting for the bus in the cold. this weekend will be one of friends, hannah georgas, creating etsy listings and dreaming up new ideas for the blog! if you haven't already checked out the vintage shop, i'm taking 30% off all items until january 31st. some cute black boots will be on their way to cali on saturday, and i'm pretty excited about that! so far i've sent orders to wicked customers in australia, italy, sweden, pennsylvania, toronto and west virginia -- i can't wait to see where i'm shipping to next.

what is everyone doing this weekend? roxy? tj? allison? marlen? :)

here is this week's five find friday!

Dot by Dot - Wonky Beauties- Ceramic Espresso Cups - handmade
Vintage // Cloisonne Unicorn Cuff // Bangle Bracelet // Gypsy Glam 90's
Vintage // Grunge Black Leather Oxford Mocassins // Tooled Braided Tassels // Loafer Flats // Size 6
Bits of Summer - 8x10. Fine Art Photographic Natural History Print. Minimal simple style. Natural Home Decor. Indoor garden botanical
Halston red cross body bucket bag

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  1. I really love four and five! Great finds :)

  2. Love those shoes & that bag! You have great taste.

  3. that last purse is so rad!!!
    as for this weekend?
    if the weather picks up, i'd probably go to osborne/corydon.. haven't been there in a while. :)

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  4. Great post, girl! Definitely loving that bag! :)
    xo TJ

  5. You find the best stuff. Can I have it all? haha. I ordered my wedding invitations over the weekend, super excited about that!

  6. gahhh I want one of those mugs!


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