Monday, January 28, 2013

stay home club

i made it through my first official meeting of stay home club this weekend, but i kind of completely dissed the rules -- check out this page to see what the heck i'm talking about! i really dig the patches and i'm planning on getting one for my denim jacket. the point of my self-appointed stay home club is to stay home and work on the blog and the shop and not spend money on frivolities (booze).   unfortunately i went out quite a bit this weekend, but i only spent money on glorious vintage! oh, and a cup of coffee. at least i only spent $14 on vintage for myself, and the rest is going to my etsy store...that's allowed, right? now i just need four cats.

i saw hannah georgas with my friend rachelle on saturday night, using complimentary tickets from volunteering, hence the photos up top. the belle game opened up and they were pretty great too! hannah's a gem and i danced on my spot the whole time.

i also watched melancholia, which was not so great for me. TOO SAD. the cinematography was beautiful. though.

what did you all get up to this weekend?
enjoy monday, people of earth!


  1. i keep forgetting to watch meloncholia! the commercials did look beautiful, i'll brave the sadness :) and spending freezes are so hard. i like how you resisted the booze but not the vintage haha ;)

    xo Marlen
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    1. i know, it sounds funnier than it is :( haha. yeah, it is beautifully done, but i like to feel at least a bit more positive after watching a movie. i feel that that movie taught me nothing.

  2. Aw, I love Melancholia; so lovely but yes a bit sad. I like to think of it as a peaceful, isn't it amazing that this universe is so much more than us type of sad though :)

    1. very true kari...i guess i'm not too into apocalyptic movies?


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