Friday, February 1, 2013

five find friday // 3

happy friday!

this weekend will be another cold one, but i'm going to try to make the most of it. i'll be volunteering at a show for a local band called boats, seeing my sisters rolling stones cover band, checking out the coffee at a new place called MAKE (which is the coffee bar/makers' retail space that i took pictures of here before they have places to sit and possibly cookies?), and of course, working on the shop!

lately i've been kinda stressed with everything going's one of those weeks where restlessness makes me question everything in my life. but i think i'm back on track, and i'm thinking about things i can do to improve the blog and the shop. i really miss taking pictures outside -- the weather has really been keeping me from venturing out unless it's completely necessary. i still think about cutting my hair off every day, so that's a good sign. i've never used photoshop and i think i'm ready to try it now, and i'm pondering purchasing studio lighting for shop photos. all these things! ooh, and i seem to have found myself on a crew to volunteer at the winnipeg folk festival this july! i wasn't able to take the vacation last summer, but this year no one in my office would be going to this, so i'm pretty sure i'm good to go. i'm so excited!

here are my five fave finds this week! enjoy!

50% OFF SALE Vintage fur hat
girl horse wallpaper
NOS cat eye glasses vintage frames
vintage flowers- floral tattoo pack- 5 temporary tattoos
Pencil Zipper Pouch, California Nature Print. Fabric Pencil Case / Small Cosmetics Bag

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  1. that's awesome your sister is in a band... you should take a video of their performance!

    p.s. hope you get over that cold soon!

  2. love that last one!!! the design is so intricate and stunning! :D happy weekend! remember to bundle up if you're going out! teehee!

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  3. I love the tattoos of flowers. So pretty, definitely something I've been looking into getting.


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