Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a year of thrift // 1

here are a couple pieces of vintage i've picked up in the last two glorious weeks of thrifting! we're done the first month of 2013 and i haven't bought any new clothing -- all second hand. i guess i don't find it that hard because i like wearing thrifted things, and i find that i can get 5 things second hand for the same price as 1 thing or a half a thing at the mall. (see ARITZIA...i've never shopped there, and probably never will).

i adore each one of these pieces -- they are forcing me to get rid of other things i have so i can make room for the new-old things i've collected. how crazy does my face look??? dat's the door to my studio, and my gigantic bon iver tote from the show in new york city. it doesn't look that gigantic, but try judging the big red spot by the size of my head. now, off to work i go! talk later, okay?


  1. You look beautiful! And you are such a good thrifter; can I come with you next time you go shopping? ;)

  2. Loving that first shirt!!! So beautiful!
    xo TJ

  3. love the pointy collar in that blouse on the left!! and yay for the bon iver tote!!! :D

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  4. you're inspiring me to thrift more often!

  5. oh GOSH Aritzia, I only look from the outside, or I suspect if I were to walk in, all my money would jump out of my purse. This is a good challenge to try, I've thought about doing it but haven't had the motivation as of yet. I really like your blog! :)

  6. ha ha after christmas I let myself buy a few pieces from aritzia on sale and I really wish i would have saved my money and spent it on thrifting. But I learned my lesson thrift is ALWAYS better I just figured I deserved something new:P I wish I could follow your blog, thanks for finding mine:)


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