Tuesday, April 29, 2014

back home

on the last day of march i flew back home from europe, after travelling around for nearly three months. it was the longest i'd been away from home, and the first time travelling alone. it was thrilling and beautiful and sometimes lonely, but completely amazing. i bought a tonne of vintage clothing during my travels, most of which will be sold at my future shop. i met so many friendly, hilarious people, some of whom i really bonded with, and that i hope to keep in touch with forever. i walked so much, i dare say my feet will never be the same, and my ass still aches just thinking of all the uphill climbs i conquered. i made a concious effort not to be a "nice girl" when i felt uncomfortable with strangers (and got almost too good at "bitch-face"). i found pride in making my way around on my own, and realized when i'm alone and have no one to rely on but myself, i am able. 

that was probably the greatest feeling.

i've decided to return to ladylikeness today, exactly one year since my last post. i hadn't thought of coming back to it until i met up with a friend from home in paris on my last week in europe. we got talking about my blog and etsy shop, and it made me realize how much i missed it. when i stopped posting last april i was ready for a break. i was working a full time job, posting thrice a week, participating in a photography club, and running my etsy shop, and i guess my brain was a little burned out. i tend to want to do everything sometimes. for now, i will manage my full time job, a couple posts a week, and planning my future shop. i also hope to participate in some sales again in the near future. it's so fun!

there are a lot of exciting things coming down the line -- glad to be back.


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