Saturday, May 10, 2014

brain clutter

i've been back for one day, and i'm already behind! my goal has become a lazy one -- to post at least once a week. and honestly, i haven't really been feeling inspired. one of my problems is that i'm not "out there" as much as i used to be, not working on my etsy shop or thrifting, not taking pictures with my canon... ie. not gathering material. that will need to change.

i'm also trying to figure out what kind of blog i want this to be. my favourite blogs fall under the categories of design, fashion and lifestyle, and most of them are very professional-looking and make money. this is very intimidating and it makes me feel kinda shitty about my weaknesses. lists make me feel better:

my first goal is to pick up my camera.
second is to start simple and calm the f down
third is to learn little things to improve
fourth is to not compare my blog to other blogs and myself to other bloggers
fifth is to enjoy it.

please bear with me while i figure out my life (and clean my room).


  1. I always enjoyed your blog, even pre-brain clutter! I think your pictures are clean and interesting I can't wait to see what you put together:)

  2. Lovely to see you back at it! You went to Europe! Ah, le yum. Good for the soul it is to roam aimlessly without a care in the world! Good for you woman! Also, your penned vulnerbilities made me smile! My internet presence is a sloppy, inconsistent crapshoot that I love! Someday I'll gather my courage and seek help in the construction of a 'normal' site but in the interim I refuse to sweat it and only post when the spirit leads. I encourage you too keep writing as you have a real knack for it and the rest will come. Be who ya is cheezwhiz! Thanks for the neat comment a la Margot! Chalk is my true calling ;) KEEP GOING WOMAN

  3. eh...shit happens. you'll get back into the groove. completely unrelated- I've wanted one of those blue rolling ikea shelf things (that is in your photo) forever!

  4. wow.. welcome back!! it's a nice surprise to see you around here in the blogosphere! :D

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