Monday, September 10, 2012

The Old House Revival

a few weeks back i visited The Old House Revival with a lovely co-worker of mine after being referred by a good friend and roommate.  what i found was 4 levels of amazing assorted antiques, vintage, odds and ends in such a neat old building on young street. after talking to the helpful manager Kristin, i knew i wanted to feature it here on ladylikeness.

How did The Old House Revival Company come to be what it is today?

The Old House Revival Company opened the doors in 1991 and moved to our
4-floor location on Young Street in 2003.

Who owns all of the merchandise in the shop?

On the main floor, The Old House Revival buys and sells antique furniture,
vintage items, antique hardware, architectural salvage, lighting, stained
glass and more.

Located on the second and third floor, we have over 20 vendors who share a
love for everything antique and retro/vintage. Each vendor has their own
"niche" in the antique mall, representing their unique way of display and

How did you get started with The Old House/with vintage and antiques?

My love for antiques started at a young age. My grandparents had a large
part in giving me a good foundation to where I am today as a "young girl
in an antique world".

Through my teen years, I collected vintage clothing, and music. The first
car I saved up for was a 1954 Mercury. My love for vintage things became a
lifestyle over the years. Restoring vintage furniture, clothing, cars, and
even my home to it's original state!

What is your favourite part about your job?  What is a typical day like?

Years ago when I visited the Old House Revival for the first time I felt a
connection to it immediately. Now that I dedicate a lot of my time
managing the store, my favourite part of my job is interacting with the
customers. A lot of our customers are looking for very specific items to
complete a project, help restore their home, or just that unique find.

It is a wonderful thing to see all ages have a look of wonderment in their
eyes when they walk through the door. Through seeing familiar items from
the past or discovering new, getting inspired to do projects... people
easily develop a sense of connection to the store as well.

Thanks again to Kristin for allowing me so graciously to photograph the mall and for answering my questions!

Old House Revival Facebook

324 Young Street  Winnipeg, MB R3B 2R6
(204) 477-4286


  1. I really like the blue light. Did you catch how much the mirrors were? I want to put up a bunch in my living room. Good article R! I'll have to find a babysitter and take a trip.

  2. Such a beautiful shop. I see about 10000 things I want. Send me some of those mirrors please :)

    1. i'm on it, Jenna! totally, i wish i could take it all hope. especially the glass doornobs--my weakness :)


  3. who is this friend with such good taste?! .... someday i am going to go there and but all the old doors and stained glass windows. and then all the chandeliers and then all the jars.

  4. antique shops are always so fabulous! what a great little interview!
    xo TJ

    1. thanks TJ! i love love love this one. wish i had a house to fill with these treasures!



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