Monday, November 5, 2012

a walk in the park

after weeks and weeks of saying we were going to do it, my friend dave and i finally headed out to take some pictures together. he drove us out to birds hill park just northeast of the city and took me on some trails that used to hold a few homesteads back in the day. and by back in the day i mean in the 30s. totally wicked. we only saw one homestead that was still intact, but the others each had a bench commemorating the family that once lived and worked there.

then we got some birds. to eat. out of my hand. NO JOKE. dave got some pictures of that and in all of them i look terrified. flip through these to find them! 

such a good day for walking and chats! i hope we can do it more often. 

also: i watched a video yesterday that partly featured a photographer named andria lindquist, and I was very inspired. she was so honest in the video about working hard (too hard) and following your dreams, and she had an updated and less cheesy way of speaking about these things. check out the shoot she did previous to the linked post...the photos definitely made me feel something in my tear ducts.

what did you do this weekend?


  1. gorgeous photos (and they've kinda got like a blair witch project vibe to em!).

    1. they are kind of creepy, right? it was kind a freaky looking into the old houses!

  2. I love walking and chatting! It's one of the only times my husband and I can chat sans phones every time!

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    1. thanks kelly.. i really enjoyed taking them and making this post!

  4. These are full of such natural beauty. You have captured it so well! I love the greenish hue's.


    1. hi liesl!
      i really love the green-tinged look too! it makes my digital look alot more like film, which i always used to shoot with.

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    1. thanks tj! i like them too! i'm trying to take more and more photos on weekends to share during the week!


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